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Professional Poultry Solutions Ltd is based in South Norfolk and has been in operation since April 2010.  We specialise in providing farm services to the poultry industry 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, as per the customers needs.  


With 20 years of international poultry production experience in Africa, the South Pacific and the UK, behind us and a passion for agriculture, especially poultry and livestock, we take our job very seriously.   We specialise in making the most frustrating jobs on the farms an easy and efficient experience by taking away the fuss and hassle so that farmers can focus on their core priorities.  


We pride ourselves on the fact that we have never let a customer down and always provide a reliable and professional service.


We approach each task as if we are the customer and therefore we are able to ensure our customers of the best service in the UK.  The poultry industry is a way of life for us and not just our livelihood.  We strive to do a clucking good job.


We are also based in South Africa - please see our South African website here: http://poultrysolutions.co.za


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